Aluminum Composite Panels

The Aluminum Composite Panels – The Best Choice for Every Façade Project

The aluminum composite panels have gained space in the market. It has great high strength, lightness and usefulness. That’s why, it is the best choice for every façade project.

Nowadays, many commercial and corporate buildings are investing more in their aesthetics.

Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels

Therefore, the use of ACM façade is becoming more common. It has a more colorful, more vibrant and attractive look. The reason for this change is the Composite Aluminum ACM.

Painted aluminum cladding, produced by two aluminum sheets. They have a low density polyethylene thermo plastic core in the middle that offers good flatness and hardness.

It offers usefulness in designs so that it values any commercial or business building.

The Alucobond and Alpolic are the most popular brands of quality ACM panels.

The ACM panels have a low layer of polyethylene density, coated with metal on both sides. They have a standardized thickness of 3 mm.

It’s very effective for facades of many buildings. The most common are houses, commercial and house buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, airports, industries and many others.

For a creative project, ACM panels can receive a range of finishes through polyester paint. It helps to increase strength and other benefits.

Polyester paint enables fine finishes that simulate the glossy finishes. It still allows the sheets to be washed and applied indoors or outdoors.

Therefore, due to its usefulness, you can use ACM panels in various types of projects. The projects can be commercial buildings, shops, colleges, gas stations, industries, car dealers and furniture.

Engineers and architects are on the same page when they choose ACM: they seek visual impact and strength.

Aluminum composite plates have been a good solution that combines mode and design. This is because the ACM façade has combined the concept of modernism, beauty, and saving.

The benefits of ACM panels do not stop there, as they are flexible and are easily bendable. This fact greatly speeds up the project’s lead time.

The use of Alucobond and Alpolic branded ACM panels is very simple and easy in all projects.

They’re easier to handle in terms of the cabin load weight. Likewise, partitions made of aluminum panels are much lighter than other similar facade panels. It reduces mobility costs.

Benefits of Aluminum Composite panels

  • High strength;
  • Lightness;
  • Thermal and acoustic protection;
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance;
  • Range of colors;
  • It can be bent or bent;
  • Sturdy and durable paint;
  • Protects the outer wall from pollution.

The aluminum composite panel (ACM) is characterized as a future façade covering. It’s due to its usefulness, high degree of resistance, weight, corrosion, strength and thermal conductivity.

The composition of two aluminum sheets with low density polyethylene core gives the product a better weight-resistance ratio. This aspect differs in the market for façades.

You can use it in various construction segments. The most common façades are interior wall cladding and external, columns and the like. You can order ACM panels in different colors and sizes to suit your project very well. Talk to our sales team today.