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XAAR PRINTHEAD 128/40pl 8.3Khz W (128360Plus)


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XAAR PRINTHEAD 128/40pl 8.3Khz W (128360Plus)
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46 in stock

XAAR PRINTHEAD 128/40pl 8.3Khz W (128360Plus)

The Xaar 128 has kept up its position as the main 17mm piezoelectric drop on request printhead of decision for the Coding and Marking (C&M) and Wide-Format Graphics (WFG) print parts

A 20 year demonstrated reputation of unwavering quality, simplicity of reconciliation, throughput, speed and nature of print have made this printhead persistently looked for after for new printers.

The conservative and adaptable Xaar 128 is utilized widely for an assorted scope of utilizations, essentially in the C&M and WFG markets due to its size, weight, high print quality, determination and scope of variations.

A programmable circuit offers propelled customization and tuning and also better control of ink qualities, waveform and print temperature control

Xaar 128 Specs Guide


Xaar 128/80L

​Xaar 128/40L

Xaar 128/80W​

Xaar 128/40W​

​Active nozzle​s



128​ 128​

​Print swathe width

​16.5 mm

9 mm

16.5 mm​ 9 mm​

​Nozzle pitch

137.1 μm

137.1 μm

137.1 μm​ ​137.1 μm

​Drop velocity*

​5 m/s

7 m/s

5 m/s​ 6 m/s​

​Printhead weight (dry)

​15.5 g

​15.5 g

​15.5 g ​15.5 g

​Drop volume*

​80 pL

​40 pL

80 pL​ ​40 pL

​Typical firing frequency*

​4.25 kHz

​8.3 kHz

5.5 kHz​ 8.3 kHz​

​Dimensions (WxDxH)

​37.2 x 40.8 x 11.3 mm

​37.2 x 40.8 x 11.3 mm

​37.2 x 40.8 x 11.3 mm​ ​​37.2 x 40.8 x 11.3 mm

Xaar 128 Series Downloadable PDF

Xaar 128 Highlights

  • Light and intense
  • ​Compact impression, light carriage and weighing just 15.5 g, it is perfect for applications where weight is a key outline prerequisite
  • Up to 8.3 kHz terminating recurrence
  • Accessible in two drop-measure variations (40 pL and 80 pL)
  • Vigorous and financially savvy arrangement
  • 185 dpi (local) printhead resolution​.

Simple to Integrate

  • Versatile over different computerized print markets
  • Good with a broad scope of oil-based, dissolvable based and UV inks ​
  • Straightforward electronic interface advancing fast and simple integration​
  • Wide working scope for bring down cost inks.

The market pioneer

​​       Fast and fundamentally practical course to showcase for the two providers of computerized inkjet innovation and those wishing to enter the market to create extra income streams​.


  • The tight print swathe, ink similarity and usability of the Xaar 128 printhead mean it is broadly used for a differing scope of uses including:
  • Coding and checking
  • Wide-design illustrations
  • Indoor signage​​
  • Outside graphics.​
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