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Graphtec Long Blade CE Lite-50-PM-BS-002


299 in stock

Graphtec Long Blade CE Lite-50-PM-BS-002


299 in stock

Graphtec Long Blade CE Lite 50-PM-BS-002

Graphtec Long Blade CE Lite 50-PM-BS-002 is an extremely popular model from the manufacturer of quality stainless steel carbon steel saws. This new model continues to receive rave reviews and performs well in cutting larger chunks of wood without much fear of vibration. The only downside to this saw is that it is very hard to sharpen with a little bit of practice. However, if you use the graphic cut carbon blade for CE Lite-50 once every week or so it can become a tool that you are really happy with.


  • Contains: 1 x Deep Cut Blade (Cutter Set)
  • Blade Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Blade Adjustment: Ratchet
  • Material Depth Range: 0.1mm – 1mm

Graphtec CE Lite-50 Replacement Deep Cut Blade: Compatible Machines

  • Graphtec CE Lite-50 Cutting Plotter Only

Graphtec CE Lite-50 Deep Blade:

Compatible Materials

  • Softer Grade Rubber (Up To 1mm Thick)
  • Polyurethane Sheets (Up To 1mm Thick)

The Graphtec Long Blade CE Lite 50-PM-BS-002 comes with a unique scissor action which is designed to get the blades to cut effectively even when it isn’t necessarily the best angle or stroke. Graphtec CE Lite-50 cross cutting blade also features a curved top with five teeth. The curved top gives the graphic cross cutting blade for CE Lite-50 added versatility in cutting. Additionally, the sharpening mechanism for this saw is excellent. Even though it is quite difficult to sharpen this saw the results are worth it.

Graphtec CE Lite-50 cross cutting blade will definitely work best with a power supply and a sufficient amount of torque. You should make sure that the table is at least six inches in depth so that you can move the saw around easily without fear of damage. In addition, this saw is not a good idea for tasks that require precise cuts as it is a bit too heavy for many tasks. But if you use this saw on a regular basis it will become an indispensable tool in your Sign Shop.

If you need help installing your spare parts Welcome to visit Our Graphtec Support Center where you will find all Manuals and Drivers for each model.