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Alucobond-Aluminum Composite Panels

Sign Board aluminum composite panel
Standard size:1220mm(Width) ×2440mm(Length)
Surface Treatment: PVDF coating and PE coating


ACM-Aluminum Composite Panels
Alucobond-Aluminum Composite Panels

Alucobond – Aluminum Composites Panels offers the unbending nature of substantial gage sheet metal in a lightweight board that is anything but difficult to create and versatile to an immense scope of indoor and open air building applications. Our materials look preferred and last longer over contending composite boards or strong metal, conveying unrivaled evenness, vibration damping, strength and simplicity of upkeep. They likewise offer much more decision – so you can get composite boards with the ideal shading and outline at an extremely aggressive cost.

Alucobond-Aluminum Composites Panels

Stock boards are 4mm thick and accessible in widths of 50″ and 62″ and lengths of 146″ and 196″. Custom lengths and thickness are likewise accessible. An extensive variety of hues are loaded for prompt conveyance, with boundless conceivable outcomes for custom shading coordinating. We likewise offer metallic, mica, kaleidoscopic and multi-shading completes; stone and timber impacts; improving metal completions; regular metals; and anodized aluminum.

Syntec alucobond materials are anything but difficult to manufacture utilizing normal wood and metalworking instruments, and can be framed into intricately bowed and radious shapes to understand any compositional vision. They oblige essentially any structural affixing framework, and are ideal for shade divider façades, rain screen frameworks, inside dividers, ornamental components, corporate signage and the sky is the limit from there. Peruse our undertakings pages for cases and motivation for utilizing this noteworthy composite material.

Characteristic of Alucobond – Aluminum Composite Panels:

1. Color alternatives in with small quantity.
2. Available in 4’x8′ and 5’x10′ sheets
3. Performance is according to ECCA standards, 8 years guarantee on PE coating, 20 years on PVDF coating. It is processed by UV ray and High-temperature baking, so it is more hardness and good property in rub-resistance.
4. Panel thickness available: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm 5mm or 6mm
5. Syntec ACM is supposed to screen printing, light weight but surprising rigidity, it is the best choice for outdoor advertise.
6. Syntec ACM panel can be bend or curved by normal roller or bending machine, also could be customized as your requirements


– Advertisement and market applications as:
– Display platforms, signboards, fascias and shop fronts etc.
– Transport&Industry applications
– Wall Cladding

Specifications and Sizes:

Aluminum skin thickness: 0.12mm-0.50mm
Total panel thickness: 2mm-6mm
Width:1000mm,1220mm(regular),1250mm,1300mm,1500mm,1550mm, 1575mm,2000mm(maximum)
Length:Up to 6500mm
Standard size:1220mm(Width) ×2440mm(Length)
Surface Treatment:PVDF coating and PE coating
Non-standard sizes and special colors are available depending on customers’ offers

Color Selection

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010 White, 010M Matte White, 012C – Yellow 012C, 020 Golden Yellow, 021C – Bright Orange+, 021C – Orange, 021C – Orange, 021C – Orange, 021C – Orange 021C, 021C – Pastel Orange, 021C – Pastel Orange, 022 Light Yellow, 026 Purple Red, 028 Cardinal Red, 030 Dark Red, 031 Red, 032 Light Red, 032C – Geranium, 032C – Red 032C+, 032C – Red Orange, 032C – Warm Red+, 045 Soft Pink, 049 King Blue, 055M Matte Mint, 056 Ice Blue, 057 Traffic Blue, 067 Blue, 070 Black, 070 Matte Black, 070M Black Metallic, 072U – Brilliant Blue, 073 Dark Grey, 076 Telegrey, 077 Telemagenta, 090 Silver Grey Met., 090M Matte Silver Grey Met., 091 Gold Metallic, 091M Matte Gold Met., 092M Matte Copper Met., 093 Anthracite Met., 093M Matte Anthracite Met., 101 White, 102 Matte White, 102C – Brimstone Yellow, 102C – Lemon, 102C – Lemon Yellow, 102C – Luminous Yellow, 102U – Brimstone Yellow, 106C – Vista Yellow, 108C – Lemon Yellow, 108C – Yellow, 109 White Pearl, 109C – Bright Yellow* , 109C – Lemon Zest, 109C – LemonZest+, 109C – Light Yellow, 109C – Primrose Yellow, 109C – Yellow*, 109C – Yellow*, 109U – Signal Yellow, 115 White C.F., 115U – Light Yellow, 116 Satin White, 116C – Bright Yellow*, 116C – Bright Yellow*, 116C – Canary Yellow, 116C – Canary Yellow, 116C – Light Yellow, 116C – Maize Yellow, 116C – Sunshine, 116C – Yellow*, 116U – Golden Yellow, 1170 Deep Black Carbon Fiber, 117S Sat. Pearl White, 117S Satin White Pearl*, 1205C – Cream, 1215C – Cream, 1225C – Dark Yellow, 1225C – Yellow, 1225C Yellow, 122C – Butter+, 1235C – Dark Yellow, 1235C – Dark Yellow, 1235C – Gold, 1235C – Golden Yellow, 1235C – Golden Yellow*, 1235C – Golden Yellow*, 1235C – Sunflower Yellow, 1235C – Sunflower Yellow, 1235C – Sunflower Yellow*, 123C – Yellow*, 123C – Black*, 123C – Daffodil*, 123C – Med Yellow, 123C – Medium Yellow+, 123C – Rubber Duckie, 123C – Sun Yellow, 123C – Sunflower*, 123C – Yellow, 1245C – Pyrite (Gold), 124C – Marigold, 124C – Signal Yellow, 124C – Signal Yellow, 124C – Yellow, 124C – Yellow, 124C – Yellow, 124C – Yellow, 1255C – Brass (Light Gold), 125C – Gold, 125C – Gold Metallic, 125C – Gold*, 130C – Golden Yellow, 130C – Golden Yellow, 130C – Yellow, 131C – Bright Gold* , 131C – Gold, 131C – Gold, 131C – Gold, 131C – Imitation Gold, 131C – Imitation Gold, 1375C – Kumquat Orange, 137C – Apricot , 137C – Apricot, 138-4C – Mauve, 143C – Imitation Gold, 143C – Imitation Gold, 146C – Bronze*, 1505U – Pastel Orange, 151C – Light Orange, 151C – Orange, 151C – Tangerine*, 151U – Light Orange, 152C – Light Orange, 155C – Beige, 155C – Vanilla, 1585C – Bright Orange, 1605C – Terra Cotta, 161 Diamond White ▀, 1655C – Bright Orange, 1655C – Halloween Orange, 1655C – Orange*, 1655C – Orange*, 1665C – Orange, 1665C – Orange, 1665C – Orange, 1665U – Orange Red, 166C – Bright Orange, 166C – Orange, 166U – Orange, 17070 Satin Neon Fl. Pink, 17072 Satin Neon Fl. Red, 17074 Satin Neon Fl. Orange, 17076 Satin Neon Fl. Yellow , 17120 Satin Neon Fl. Green, 171C – Orange, 172C – Tangerine, 172C – Tangerine, 173C – Orange Red, 175C – Russet Brown, 177 Yacht Blue, 1788C – Light Tomato Red*, 1788C – Luminous Red+, 1795C – Light Red, 1795C – Red, 1795C – Red, 1795C – Red, 1795C – Red, 1795C – Red Red, 1795C – Tomato Red*, 1797C – Blood Red, 1797C – Holiday Red+, 1797C – Tomato Red, 1797C – Tomato Red, 1797C – Tomato Red, 1797U – Red, 179C – Orange, 179C – Red Orange, 180 Matte Black, 1805C – Ruby Red, 1805C – Ruby Red, 1805C – Ruby Red, 1807C – Dark Red, 1807C – Fire Red, 1807C – Ruby Red, 1807U – Dark Red, 1815C – Burgundy, 1815C – Dark Red, 1817C – Red Brown, 181C – Light Rust Brown, 183-S Met. Milky Way+, 186C – Dark Red, 186C – Light Red, 186C – Middle Red, 186C – Perfect Match Red, 186C – Poppy Red* , 186C – Red, 186C – Red, 186C – Red, 186C – Red, 186C – Red, 186C – Strawberry, 187C – Cardinal Red, 187C – Cardinal Red*, 187C – Dark Red, 187C – Red*, 187C – Regal Red*, 188C – Blush Red, 188C – Burgundy, 188C – Burgundy*, 188C – Burgundy*, 189-S Satin Pearl Nero ^, 190 Black, 190C – Rose Mauve, 190M Matte Moolight Met., 191-S Pearl Black, 192 Deep Blue Metallic, 192-M Black Met., 193 Brushed Met. Black, 193C – Apple Red, 193C – Cardinal Red, 193C – Cardinal Red, 193C – Cardinal Red*, 193C – Fire Red+, 193C – Geranium, 194 Black Carbon Fiber, 1945C – Cardinal Red , 194C – Dark Red, 194C – Dark Red, 194C – Dark Red, 194C – Deep Red, 194C – Spectra Red+, 195 Dove Blue Met., 1955C – Dark Red*, 195C – Burgundy, 196 Night Blue Met., 196M Matte Night Blue Met., 197 Azure Metallic, 197 Satin Black, 197M Matte Azure Blue Met., 200C – Cardinal Red, 200C – Cardinal Red, 200C – Cherry+*, 200C – Dark Red, 200C – Red , 200C – Scarlet Red, 200C – Tomato Red, 201 Crocus Yellow, 201C – Cranberry*, 201C – Red, 202C – Red, 204C – Soft Pink, 205C – Magenta, 205C – Magenta, 206C – Vivid Rose, 208 Post Office Yellow, 209 Maize Yellow, 209C – Burgundy , 211U – Soft Pink, 213C – Pink, 214C – Blossom, 214C – Blossom+, 214C – Fucsia, 214C – Process Magenta, 215-M Gold Metallic, 215C – Pink, 216 Traffic Yellow, 219C – Telemagenta , 220C – Raspberry, 221 Diamond Amber ▀, 222C – Bordeaux, 222C – Burgundy*, 222C – Purple Red, 223C – Pink, 223C – Soft Pink, 223M Matte Saffron Yellow, 224C – Pink, 225 Yellow*, 226U – Pink, 227C – Blush, 227C – Magenta, 227C – Pink, 231C – Soft Pink, 234 Ambulance Yellow*, 235 Canary Yellow , 240 Fine Wood, 241C – Intense Magenta, 242C – Raspberrry, 243-M Matte Met. Yellow Green, 245 Dark Yellow*, 246 Hot Pink Alum.*, 250-1 – Turquoise, 256 Cargo Yello, 2563U – Lilac, 257C – Lilac, 257C – Lilac, 257C – Violet, 2592C – Violet , 260C – Plum, 2622C – Plum, 2622C – Plum Purple*, 2623 – Plum, 2623C – Violet, 2627C – Berry, 2627C – Violet, 262C – Deep Purple, 2655C – Lavander, 2655C – Lavender , 2665U – Lavender, 266C – Bright Purple, 267C – Light Violet*, 267C – Purple, 2685C – Purple, 2685C – Purple, 2685C – Royal Purple, 268U – Violet , 269C – Purple, 269C – Purple, 2718C – Copenhagen, 2726C – Olympic Blue, 2728C – Brillant Blue*, 2728C – Brilliant Blue, 272C – Lavender, 2738C – Royal Blue, 2738C – Royal Blue, 273C – Purple, 273C – Purple, 2747C – Blueberry, 2747C – Cobalt Blue, 2747C – Sapphire Blue*, 2748C – King Blue, 274C – Patriot Blue, 274C – Royal Blue*, 2757C – Dark Blue, 2757C – Deep Blue, 2767C – Black Blue, 2767C – Dark Navy Blue, 2767C – Indigo, 2767C – Navy Blue, 277C – Baby Blue, 279C – Tropical Blue, 280C – Impulse Blue, 280C – Middle Blue*, 280C – Sapphire Blue, 280C – Sapphire Blue, 280U – King Blue, 281C – Blue*, 281C – Dark Blue, 281C – European Blue*, 281C – Mediterranean Blue, 282C – Light Navy, 285C – King Blue, 285C – Wave Blue, 285C – Wave Blue+, 285M Matte Nato Olive, 286 Bottle Green, 286C – Gentian Blue, 286C – Midnite Blue+, 287C – Royal Purple, 287C – Traffic Blue, 288C – Bright Blue, 288C – Cobalt Blue, 288C – King Blue, 288C – Night Sky Blue, 288C – Sapphire Blue, 288C – Sapphire Blue, 288C – Sultan Blue*, 288C – Ultramarine Blue, 289C – Dark Blue, 289C – Dark Royal Blue, 289C – Light Navy, 290C – Pale Blue, 290C – Powder Blue, 290C – Powder Blue, 2915C – Ice Blue, 2915C – Ice Blue, 2915C – Steel Blue, 2915U – Ice Blue, 2925C – Arctic Blue, 2925C – Bright Blue, 2925C – Euro Blue, 2925C – Light Blue , 2925C – Light European Blue, 2925C – Olympic Blue, 292C – Bayshore+, 2935U – Traffic Blue, 293C – Blue, 293C – Intense Blue+, 293C – Slate Blue 293C, 293C – Traffic Blue, 293C – Vivid Blue*, 2945C – Azure Blue, 2945C – Blue, 2945C – Blue, 2945C – Blue, 2945C – Bright Blue*, 2945C – Electric Blue, 2945C – Gentian, 2945C – Gentian Blue, 2945C – Medium Blue, 2945C – Pacific Blue, 2945C – Vivid Blue, 2945C – Vivid Blue*, 294C – Blue, 294C – Bristol Blue*, 294C – Gentian Blue, 294C – Royal Blue, 294C – Traffic Blue*, 294C – Vivid Blue, 294C – Vivid Blue, 294C – Vivid Blue, 295C – Dark Blue*, 295C – Grand Blue, 295C – Majestic Blue, 295C – Midnight Blue, 295U – Dark Blue, 296C – Deep Blue, 296C – Midnight Blue, 2985C – Peacock Blue, 298C – Light Blue, 298C – Light Blue, 298C – Peacock, 298C – Sky Blue, 2995C – Cascade Blue, 2995U – Light Blue, 299C – Process Blue*, 2U – Light Grey, 3005C – Ocean Blue, 3005C – Olympic Blue, 3005C – Process Blue, 300C – Azure Blue, 300C – Intense Blue*, 300C – Light Blue, 300C – Light Blue, 300C – Medium Blue+, 300C – Pantone 300C, 300C – Sky Blue, 300U – Azure Blue, 3015U – Gentian, 301C – Azure Blue, 301C – Intense Blue, 301C – Royal Blue, 301U – Gentian Blue, 3025C – Sea Blue, 302C – Interstate Blue, 305 Geranium Red, 308C – Nautica Blue, 3105C – Ice Blue, 3105C – Telemagenta, 3145C – Aquamarine, 3145C – Teal, 3145C – Teal, 3155C – Dark Teal, 315C – Petrol, 3165C – Dark Teal, 3165C – Turquoise, 320U – Turquoise Blue, 321 Matte Orange*, 321C – Night Tide, 321C – Real Teal, 321C – Teal , 321C – Turquoise Blue, 321C – Turquoise Blue, 322C – Medium Teal, 322C – Teal, 322C – Teal Green, 323C – Bermuda Blue, 3258C – Mint, 326 Gold Orange Pearl* , 3262U – Turquoise, 326C – Dark Aqua, 3272C – Turquoise, 3278C – Turquoise, 327C – Real Teal, 3282C – Turquoise, 3285C – Spectra Everglade, 3298C – Green, 3298C – Green, 3298C – Green, 3298C – Green, 3298C – Orange, 3298C – Turquoise Green, 3302C – Deep Green, 3302C – Forest Green, 3305C – Dark Green, 3305C – Forest Green*, 3308C – Bottle Green, 3308C – Dark Green , 3308C – Polo Green, 330C – Forest Green, 330C – Hunter Green, 332U – Mint, 334C – Blue Green, 336C – Dark Green*, 338C – Mint, 3415 – Green*, 3415C – Grass Green, 3415C – Medium Green, 341C – Green , 3425C – Dark Green*, 3425C – Forest Green, 342C – Green, 342C – Kelly Green, 3435C – Dk Emerald Green, 3435C – Forest Green, 343C – Dark Green, 343C – Dark Green, 347C – Green, 347C – Green, 347C – Kelly Green, 347C – Kelly Green, 347C – Kelly Green, 347C – Light Kelly Green, 347U – Green, 348C – Bright Green, 348C – Bright Green, 348C – Grass Green , 348C – Green, 348C – Green , 349C – Green*, 349C – Bright Green, 349C – Emerald* , 349C – Rain Forest Green, 350C – Dark Green, 351 Municipal Orange, 354C – Clover Green, 355C – Bright Green, 355C – Kelley Green, 355C – Light Green, 355C – Light Green, 355C – Vivid Green, 355C – Vivid Green*, 357C – Foliage Green, 357C – Holly Green*, 357U – Dark Green, 361C – Grass Green, 361C – Yellow Green, 361C – Yellow Green, 361C – Yellow Green, 361U – Light Green, 362C – Grass Green, 363 Daggi Orange, 368C – Lime Green, 368C – Lime-Tree Green, 368M Matte Dark Red Met., 368U – Yellow Green, 369 Red Brown Metallic, 369C – Apple Green, 369C – Apple Green, 369C – Apple Green, 369C – Lime – Tree Green, 369M Matte Red Brown Met., 370 Orange, 371 Chili Red, 371-M Matte Blaze Orange Met., 371-M Matte Blaze Orange Met., 373C – Lime Aid, 374C – Lime Tree Green, 375C – Iguana Green, 375C – Jungle Green, 375C – Jungle Green+, 375C – Vibrant Green+, 376C – Brilliant Green, 376U – Lime – Tree Green, 377C – Olive Green, 3955C – Light Lemon Yellow, 395C – Brimstone Yellow, 3D Apple Green, 3D Black, 3D Deep Blue, 3D Gold, 3D Gray, 3D Light Blue, 3D Orange, 3D Pink, 3D Purple, 3D Red, 3D Silver, 3D White, 404C – Gray Metallic, 406 Violet Metallic, 406M Matte Violet Met., 409C – Shadow Gray, 412C – Duranodic, 412C – Duranodic*, 415 Red*, 415 Red*, 418C – Anthracite, 418C – Dark Grey, 419 White Carbon Fiber, 420 Graphite Carbon Fiber , 421 Black Carbon Fiber, 421C – Medium Grey, 422 Pewter Carbon Fiber, 422C – Slate Grey, 423C – Light Grey, 423C – Middle Grey*, 423C – Silver Metallic, 423C – Telegrey, 424C – Gray, 424C – Grey, 424C – Silver, 424C – Storm Grey, 425 Sunkiss Aluminum*, 425C – Battleship Grey, 425C – Dark Grey, 425C – Dark Grey, 425C – Dark Grey, 425C – Iron Grey, 425C – Med. Marine Grey, 426 Diamond Red ▀, 426 Diamond Red ▀, 427 Soft Red*, 427 Soft Red*, 427C – Anthracite, 427C – Light Grey*, 427C – Silver Grey Met., 427C – Silver Lake, 427C – Winter Sky, 428C – Light Grey, 429C – Light Ash Grey, 429C – Slate Grey, 430C – Charcoal, 430C – Grey, 430C – Middle Grey, 430C – Pewter, 430C – Slate Grey, 431C – Dark Grey, 431C – Slate Gray, 433 Cardinal Red*, 433 Cardinal Red*, 433C – Matte Black, 435C – Champagne, 435C – White*, 436-O Carmine Red*, 436-O Carmine Red*, 437 Red Rush Pearl Met., 437 Red Rush Pearl Met., 437C – Putty, 438 Satin Carmine Red, 438 Satin Carmine Red, 439C – Silver Gray, 441C – Light Sage, 443U – Middle Grey, 444C – Charcoal, 444M Matte Cherry Met.*, 444M Matte Cherry Met.*, 447C – Komatsu Grey, 447U – Dark Grey, 4495C – Gold Nugget*, 4495C – Golden Nugget, 452C – Sandstone, 461C- Dark Beige, 4625C – Brown, 4625C – Brown, 4625C – Chocolate Brown, 4625C – Dark Brown, 4625C – Deep Mahogamy Brown, 4635C – Antique Bronze, 4635C – Bronze , 4635C – Saddle Brown, 464 Lawn Green, 4655C – Light Brown, 465C – Buckskin, 465C – Light Brown, 465C – Light Gold*, 465C – Tan, 465U – Light Brown, 466C – Dark Taupe+, 466C – Khaki, 4685C – Light Ivory, 468C – Beige, 468C – Beige, 468C – Beige, 468C – Fawn, 468C – Light Beige, 468U – Beige, 4705C – Cocoa, 470C – Copper, 471C – Bronze, 471C – Copper, 471C – Nut Brown, 471C – Nut Brown, 471C – Terra Cotta, 472M Matte Garnet Met.*, 472M Matte Garnet Met.*, 4745C – Sandstone, 475 Burgundy, 476C – Brown*, 476U – Brown, 477C – Red Brown, 478C – Brown, 482C – Eggshell, 483C – Rust Brown, 484C – Red , 485C – Firecracker+, 485C – Flame, 485C – Light Red, 485C – Light Red, 485C – Orange Red, 485C – Red*, 485C – Signal Red, 485U – Light Red, 486 Tree Green, 491C – Autumn Maple, 4975C – Brown, 4975C – Dark Brown, 4D Black, 4D Pink, 4D White, 4D Yellow, 500 Satin Black, 501 Satin Pearl, 502 Awesome Orchid Satin, 502CF White Carbon Fiber, 503CF Black Carbon Fiber, 504 Satin Gold, 504C – Burgundy, 504CF Army Gold Carbon Fiber, 507BR Brushed Metallic Silver, 509 Sea Blue, 511 Night Blue , 5115C – Burgundy Maroon, 514 Bubblegum Pink Satin, 514 Satin Copper, 515 Starry Night, 516 Galaxy Black, 519CF Red Aluminum C.F., 520-M Matte Pink Metallic, 520C – Violet, 532C – Charcoal, 533C – Indigo, 533C – Sapphire Blue, 5405C – Shadow Blue, 5405C – Shadow Blue, 540C – Majestic Blue, 541C – Blue, 541C – Blue, 5425C – Mist BLue, 543C – Butterfly Blue, 544 Indigo Blue, 547 Fjord Blue, 549C – Dove Blue, 553 Lagoon, 553C – Pine Green, 555 Glacier Blue, 563C – Mint, 564 Light Navy, 565-M Matte Purple Met., 5655C – Warm Grey, 572 Police Blue, 579C – Celadon, 587 Diamond Purple ▀, 600 Matte Black, 602 Grass Green, 604BR Army Gold Brushed Met., 612 Police Green, 612C – Lemon Yellow, 612C – Lemon Yellow, 614 Matte Steel Blue, 614-M Matte Powder Blue Met., 615 Matte Aluminum, 615-M Matte Blue Metallic, 616 Aztec Bronze*, 617 Matte Steel*, 618 Gunpowder, 619 Red Aluminum, 619BR Red Alum. Brushed Met., 620 M Frozen Grey*, 621 Chocolate Brown, 622 Fir Tree Green, 622 Matte Light Blue* , 623 Deep Ocean*, 623-M Matte Night Blue Met., 624 Combat Green*, 624-S Pearl Bahama Blue, 625 Combat Grey*, 626 Toxic Green* , 627 Fierce Orange*, 627C – Fir Green, 628 Manga Pink*, 628 Matte Hi- Liter Pink, 629 F1 Racing Red*, 629C – Robin Egg Blue, 630 Matte Riviera Blue*, 631 Blue Aluminum, 631C – Teal, 632 Light Blue, 632 Tundra*, 633 Cyber Grape*, 634 Mariana Blue, 642 Heat Wave*, 643 Green Aluminum*, 643-M Frosty Blue Matte Met., 644 Yellow Aluminum*, 646-M Bright Blue Metallic, 647C – Cadet Blue, 648-M Matte Lagoon Blue Met., 648C – Steel Blue, 653-M Matte Dark Blue Metallic, 653C – Azure Blue, 655C – Deep Navy Blue, 655C – Deep Sea Blue, 658C – Evening Blue, 660C – Light Blue, 661C – Blue, 661C – Blue*, 667 Intense Film, 669C – Violet, 671-M Brilliant Blue Matte Met., 676 Diamond Blue ▀, 677 Blue, 677 Fir Tree Green Met., 681-O Dark Blue, 688 Algae Green, 689 Juniper, 689S Satin Pearl Cielo Blu ^, 690C – Purple Red, 699 Indigo Blue, 700 Terminator, 704 Gold, 706C – Carnation Pink, 707 Silver , 711 Matte Khaki Green, 711 Stone Grey , 711C – Tomato Red , 712 Satin Khaki Green, 713 Matte Vintage Green, 714 Copper, 715C – Bright Orange, 715C – Persimmon, 719 Blood Bath, 719C – Putty, 724 Ice Grey, 729C – Gold, 730 Bottle Grey, 730C – Pale Gold, 731 Lime Green, 7401C – Ivory, 7413U – Nut Brown, 7421C – Burgundly, 7427C – Deep Red, 745-M Matte Green Apple Met., 7455C – Azure Blue, 7461C – Light Blue, 7461C – Olympic Blue, 7461C – Olympic Blue, 7463 – Night Blue, 7473C – Turquoise, 7474C – Teal, 7483C – Army Green, 7484C – Dark Green, 7489C – Grow Green, 7495C – Olive, 7500C – Sand Dune, 7501C – Beige, 7506C – Almond, 7508C – Camel, 751 Light Green Pearlescent, 751 Matte Emerald Green, 7510C – Gold, 7510C – Harvest Gold, 7510C – New Gold Met., 7530C – Champagne Mist, 7530C – Light Brown, 7531C – Light Briar Brown, 7533C – Brown, 7540C – Dark Grey, 7547C – Navy, 7549C – Sunflower*, 7549C – Sunflower*, 758 Grass Green, 7606C – Pale Pink, 7622C – Dark Red, 7689C – Light Blue, 768C – Steel Blue, 771 Emerald Green, 792 Dark Green, 792-O Grey , 796 Emerald Pearl Met. , 797-M Matte Migninht Sand Met., 803-M Silver Metallic, 807-M Grey Metallic, 809 Taxi Beige, 812 Brushed Aluminum Met., 812-X Brushed Titanium Met., 813 Brushed Steel Metallic, 814-M Quick Silver Metallic, 816 Papyrus, 825 Matte Hi- Liter Yellow, 840-M Matte Gunmetal Met., 845-M Matte Charcoal Metallic, 851 Tropical Pink Candy, 852 Amethyst Candy, 854 Citrine Candy, 855 Electric Lime Candy, 856 True Blood Candy, 856-O Matte Dark Grey, 857M Matte Silver Metallic, 858-M Matte Anthracite Metallic, 859-S Diamond SIlver ^, 859-S Metallic Meteorite+, 865-O Dark Grey, 871C – Gold, 871U – Gold*, 872C – Gold, 872C – Satin Gold, 873C – Gold, 873C – Gold Metallic, 874 Orient Brown Met., 875U – Copper*, 876C – Bronze Antique, 877C – Aluminum, 877C – Clear, 877C – Satin Alumimun, 877C – Satin Aluminum, 877C – Silver, 877C – Silver, 877C – Silver Shimmer, 877C – Silver Shimmer+, 877C – Silver*, 877C – Tin , 877U – Silver Grey*, 882 Cargo Red, 889-M Matte Metallic Grigio ^, 897 Rose Hip, 904 Silver Lake Met., 908 Aluminum Met., 919 Golden Metallic, 920 Bronze Metallic, 920M Matte Bronze Met., 921 Bronze Antique Met., 922 Brass Metallic, 926 Pyrite Metallic, 926M Matte Pyrite Met., 929-M Brown Metallic, 932 Graphite Metallic, 932M Matte Graphite Met., 933 Bronze Brushed Metallic, 933 Tin Metallic, 934 Zinc Metallic, 935 Grey Cast Iron Met., 937 Charcoal Metallic, 937M Matte Charcoal Met., 940 Wood Grain, 944M Matte Red Gold Met., 946 Nacre Metallic, 954-M Matte Brown Metallic, 988 Green/Blue, 988M Matte Green/Blue, 989 Turquoise/Lavender, 989M Matte Turquoise/Lavender, 990 Aubergine/Bronze, 990M Matte Aubergine/Bronze, 992 Pearl/Green, AL-6001 Metallic Grey, AL-6001 Metallic Grey, AL-6002 Metallic Brick Red, AL-6002 Metallic Brick Red, AL-6003 Maroon, AL-6003 Maroon, AL-6005 High Gloss Black, AL-6005 High Gloss Black, AL-6006 Pearl Black, AL-6006 Pearl Black, AL-6008 Pear White , AL-6008 Pear White , AL-6009 High Gloss Light Blue, AL-6009 High Gloss Light Blue, AL-6012 High Gloss Bordeaux , AL-6012 High Gloss Bordeaux , AL-6013 High Gloss Petrole, AL-6013 High Gloss Petrole, AL-6014 Mexico Blue, AL-6014 Mexico Blue, AL-6015 Milk White, AL-6015 Milk White, AL-6019 Pistachio, AL-6019 Pistachio, AL-6020 Nano Silver Grey , AL-6020 Nano Silver Grey , AL-6021 High Gloss Light Green, AL-6021 High Gloss Light Green, AL-8001 White Silver Gray, AL-8001 White Silver Gray, AL-8002 Bright Silver , AL-8002 Bright Silver , AL-8003 Champagne Silver, AL-8003 Champagne Silver, AL-8004 Pure White , AL-8004 Pure White , AL-8005 Golden, AL-8005 Golden, AL-8005 Ivory White, AL-8005 Ivory White, AL-8007 Red, AL-8007 Red, AL-8008 Green, AL-8008 Green, AL-8009 Dark Blue, AL-8009 Dark Blue, AL-8010 Light Blue, AL-8010 Light Blue, AL-8011 Yellow, AL-8011 Yellow, AL-8013 Jade Silver , AL-8013 Jade Silver , AL-8014 Black, AL-8014 Black, AL-8015 Black Galaxy, AL-8015 Black Galaxy, AL-8020 Mouse Grey, AL-8020 Mouse Grey, AL-8023 Post Green, AL-8023 Post Green, AL-8024 Orange, AL-8024 Orange, AL-8025 Coffee, AL-8025 Coffee, AL-8026 Champagne Gold, AL-8026 Champagne Gold, AL-8027 Copper, AL-8027 Copper, AL-8028 Traffc Blue, AL-8028 Traffc Blue, AL-8029 Gold Brushed, AL-8029 Gold Brushed, AL-8030 Silver Brushed , AL-8030 Silver Brushed , AL-8032 Gold Mirror, AL-8032 Gold Mirror, AL-8033 Silver Mirror, AL-8033 Silver Mirror, AL-8037 High Gloss White, AL-8037 High Gloss White, AL-8038 High Gloss Red, AL-8038 High Gloss Red, AL-8401 Marble, AL-8401 Marble, Amethyst, Anthracite, Anthracite, Antique White, Apple Green, Aubergine/Bronze, Azure Blue, B77C – Middle Grey, Baby Pink, Beige, Beryl, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black 6C – Moonlight, Black 7C – Silicon, Black Chrome, Black Deco Sparkle, Black*, BLACKC – Black*, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Chrome, Blue Deco Sparkle, Bottomland, BR, BR212 Brushed Black Met., BR217 Brushed Aluminum, BR217 Brushed Steel, BR217 Brushed Steel Blue, BR217 Matte Charcoal Met., BR217 Straight Fiber Anth., BR230 Brushed Titanium, BR241 Brushed Gold, Break- Up P, Break-Up , Break-up Infinity, Brimstone Yellow, Brush, Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver , Brushed Silver, Burgundy*, Burnt Orange, CF, CF10 White C.F., CF12 Black Carbon Fiber, CF201 C.F Anthracite, Cherry Red, Cherry Red, Cherry Red, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear – Transparent*, Clear Transparent, Clear Transparent, Clear Transparent, Cobalt, Cobalt Blue*, Cobalt Bue, Cobra, Coffee Brown, Confetti, Cool Gray 10 – Med. Charcoal, Cool Gray 10C – Grey Cast Iron, Cool Gray 11 – Dark Charcoal, Cool Gray 11C – Zinc, Cool Gray 3 – White, Cool Gray 3 – White, Cool Gray 4 – Silver, Cool Gray 4C – Silver Gray, Cool Gray 6 – Pewter, Cool Gray 9 – Gunmetal, Cool Gray3 – White, Cool Grey, Cool Grey – Medium Grey, Cool Grey 10C -Dark Grey, Cool Grey 11C – Nimbus Grey, Cool Grey 1C – Light Grey, Cool Grey 3C – Palm Oyster, Cool Grey 5C – Medium Grey, Cool Grey 8C – Telegrey, Copper, Country, Crimson, Crimson, Cyan, Cyan, Dark Blue, Dark Coarse, Dark Gray – Graphite, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Dark Red, Dark Turquoise, Deco Silver , Digital Desert, Digital Green, Duck Blind, Electric Red, Emerald, Florentine Gold, Florentine Swirl Gild, Fluorescent, Frosted Graphite ME Metallic, Fuschia, G10 Gloss White, G103 Gloss Hot Pink, G12 Gloss Black, G120 Gloss White Alum., G127 Gloss Boat Blue, G13 Gloss Hot Rod Red, G14 Gloss Burnt Orange, G15 Gloss Bright Yellow, G201 Gloss Anthracite, G203 Gloss Red Met., G211 Gloss Charcoal Met., G212 Gloss Black Met., G217 Gloss Deep Blue Met., G227 Gloss Blue Metallic, G241 Gloss Gols Met., G25 Gloss Sunflower Yellow, G251 Gloss Sterling Silver , G323 Gloss Raspberry Fizz*, G327 Gloss Atlantis Blue*, G335 Gloss Lemon Sting*, G336 Gloss Green Envy*, G344 Gloss Liquid Copper*, G348 Gloss Fierce Fuchsia*, G356 Gloss Atomic Teal*, G363 Gloss Dragon Fire Red*, G364 Gloss Fiery Orange*, G377 Gloss Cosmic Blue*, G378 Gloss Blue Raspberry*, G46 Gloss Kelly Green, G47 Gloss Intense Blue, G54 Gloss Bright Orange, G77 Gloss Sky Blue , G79 Gloss Light Ivory, G83 Gloss Dark Red, Gentian Blue, Gold , Gold, Gold, Gold , Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold Chrome, Gold Deco Sparkle, Gold Hammered Leaf, Gold Leaf, Gold Lg Engine 1", Gold Metallic, Gold Metallic, Golden Yellow, GP272 Gloss Midnight Blue, GP282 Gloss Ember Black, GP99 Gloss Black Rose*, Grass Green, Green, Green, Green , Green, Green , Green, Green, Green/Blue, GreenC – Bright Jade Green , Grey 2C – Pearl Grey, Grey 7C – Medium Grey, Gun Metal, Hammered Leaf Gold, Heather Red, Holly Green*, Intensive Blue, Iridescent Blue-Green, Iridescent Fuchsia-Green, Iridescent Pearl, Ivory, Kaleidoscope, King Blue, Large Engine Turned Gild, Lemon Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Lemon Yelow, Light Black , Light Blue, Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Cyan, Light Fine, Light Green, Light Grey, Light Magenta, Light Pink, Light Red, Light Violet, Lilac, Lime- Tree Green, M10 Matte White, M103 Matte Pink, M12 Matte Black, M13 Matte Red, M15 Matte Yellow, M196 Matte Apple Green, M203 Matte Red Metallic, M206 Matte Pine Green Met., M209 Matte Brown Met., M21 Matte Silver, M22 Matte Deep Black, M227 Matte Blue Metallic, M229 Matte Copper Met., M230 Matte Gray Alum., M26 Matte Military Green, M261 Matte Dark Gray, M27 Matte Indigo, M38 Matte Royal Purple, M54 Matte Orange, M67 Matte Riviera Blue, Magenta, Magenta, Magenta, Magenta – Neon Pink, Matte Silver, Matte Aubergine/Bronze, Matte Black, Matte Black, Matte Black, Matte Black, Matte Black, Matte Clear, Matte Green/Blue, Matte Turquoise/Lavender, Matte White, Matte White, Matte White, Matte White, Matte White, Matte White, Max-1, Max-5, Metal Wool, Middle Blue, Middle Green, Middle Grey, Navy Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, O21C – Bright Orange, Obsession, Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange/Copper , Pacific Blue, Pale Brown, Pale Pink, Pearl/Green, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Poinsettia*, PR. BLUE – Olympic Blue, Pro. Blue – Sky Blue, Pro. Cyan – Light Blue, Pro. Mag – Pink, Pro. Yellow – Brimstone Yellow, Proc. Blue – Process Blue C+, Proc. Magenta – Process Magenta+, Proc. Yellow – Process YellowC+, Process Blk – Black, Process Blk – Black*, Purple, Purple, Rainbow Deco Sparkle, Realpink, Realsnow, Realxt, Realxtb, Realxtg, Red , Red, Red , Red, Red, Red, Red , Red , Red, Red, Red Chrome, Red Deco Sparkle, Red Orange, Red Orange, Red*, Reed Green, Ref Blue – Sapphire Blue*, Reflex Blue C+ , Rose Quartz, Royal Blue, Royal Blue, Royal Blue, Royal Blue, S10 Satin White, S12 Satin Black, S120 Satin White Alum., S196 Satin Apple Green, S261 Satin Dark Gray, S327 Satin Ocean Shimmer* , S334 Satin Canyon Copper*, S335 Satin Bitter Yellow*, S336 Satin Sheer Luck Green*, S347 Satin Perfect Blue*, S363 Satin Smoldering Red, S378 Satin Mystique Blue*, S51 Sat. Battleship Gray, Satin Neon Fluorescent Green, Satin Neon Fluorescent Orange, Satin Neon Fluorescent Pink, Satin Neon Fluorescent Red, Satin Neon Fluorescent Yellow , Satin Surface Gild, Sea Foam Pearlescent VM Metallic, SF12 Straight Fiber Black, Shadow Grass Blades, Silver, Silver , Silver, Silver , Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver , Silver, Silver, Silver – Light Silver, Silver Argent, Silver Carbon Fiber , Silver Hammered Leaf, Silver Leaf, Silver Metallic, Silver Metallic, Sky Blue, Small Engine Turned Gild, Smooth Gold, Smooth Gold, Smooth Silver, Smooth Silver, Sport Red, Sunny Yellow, Sunny Yellow, Telegrey, Treestand, True White, True White, Turquoise , Turquoise Blue, Turquoise/Lavender, Twilight Blue*, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Unique, Urban Woodland, Violet, Violet C – Pantone Violet+, Warm Gray 7 – Charcoal, White, White, White , White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White Metallic, White*, White*, White*, White*, White+*, Winter, XL Engine Turned Gild, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow , Yellow, Yellow, Yellow Orange, Yellow Urban Woodland, Zinc Yellow, RAL8019, Ultramarine Blue 203


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ACM Panel SIze

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