Alucobond-Aluminum Panels

ACM-Aluminum Composite Panels

Alucobond -Aluminum Composites Panels

Alucobond – Aluminum Composites panels(Syntec, Alpolic) are remarkably light, strong, rigid, trim and mold to the shape your project needs, using conventional tools. Dimensionally stable, resistant to vibration and impervious  to oil-canning. Exceptionally durable and easy to maintain.

Our Aluminum Composite Panels outperform heavy-gauge sheet metal and other types of architectural panels in virtually every way. Our Alucobond type panels create new possibilities for architectural cladding, corporate ID systems, signage and many other applications, interior and exterior.

Black Colors

Blue Colors

Brown Colors

Silver Shades


PVDF Coated

Our Alucobond-Aluminum Composites Panels Colors are inspired by the natural world PVDF Coated which gives a unique matte finish featuring the most elegant colors in the market. 

Color Warranty

Up to 30 Year Warranty, depending on the colors. Choose form our selection of Solid Colors, Micas, Metallics, Prismatics, Timber Series, Matte Series, Patterns, Stone, Decorative Metals, Natural Metals Anodized Aluminum

These aluminum composite panels can be used for gas stations, city skylines bringing a new building perspective around the world.Our Alucobond type Aluminum Composite panels you can make your vision possible providing the same rigidity as solid aluminum panels using only one-fourth to one third as much aluminum .

The same principles holds true for MCM panels using copper, zinc, stainless steel or titanium skins. 

Green Tones

Red Tones


Yellow Tones

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