Agfa Jeti 1224 Printing Spare Parts & Accessories

agfa jeti 1224

Agfa Jeti 1224 Printing Spare Parts & Accessories

The Agfa Jeti 1224 is an ultra-compact multi-format, dual-layer flatbed printer. It can print in both color and black and white printing formats, and also performs on color film. Other features include auto-leveling system, precise heat setting, and user-defined thermal range. A variety of spare parts and accessories are available in the online market.

The Agfa Jeti 1224 makes printing even more convenient by being both a color and black and white printer. The two features make printing easy and enjoyable. The output and the printing process are both operating using a single motor. This allows for increased ease and precision with the ink flow. It also results in superior images, even with black and white printing.

To start with, the Agfa Jeti 1224 is equipped with an Epson Softjet auto-leveling plate. This allows for continued use of the product after it is completed, keeping it level. In addition, this plate permits fast and accurate positioning, and prevents the user from changing the position of the model without first sending it back to the factory for adjustment. The Epson plate also increases the speed of the ink refill rate. Without needing to send the unit back to the factory, this feature reduces the time needed to change the desired design.

The final point about the Jeti is that it comes with an AutoSeal II thermal seal, which offers better heat insulation. The Agfa Jeti 1224 Thermal Seal helps avoid the need for frequent, expensive cleaning of the machine. By keeping the machine dry, the user is able to maintain the accuracy of the product.

Another accessory that is available with the Jeti is the Tray Frame. This provides the flatbed model with additional tray protection, so that the output and the model will not be damaged during the printing process. The Tray Frame also provides the operator with additional safety while operating the printer. The unique ability of the Tray Frame offers additional stability when operating the machine.

The Agfa Jeti 1224 is also compatible with the color Jeti Scanner and printer. The scanner can scan in either black and white or color, so that the manufacturer has the option of adding or removing the scanner accessories. These accessories come with the auto-set screws, which simplify the access to the various parts.

Other accessories that are available with the Jeti include the SONET bracket, the BNC adapter, and the X-20P and X-30P cable. The SONET bracket allows the user to connect the printer to a standard, multipurpose computer port. The BNC adapter provides the ability to connect the printer to any parallel Ethernet port. Lastly, the X-20P and X-30P cable is used to connect the printer to the DB-9 connector.