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Everything You Need to Know About Building Facades

Building Facades are a real wildcard in architectural design and visual contact. , ACM Panels deliver performance and beauty. Know this solution!

The ACM stands for Aluminum Composite Material. This panel consists of two polyethylene core aluminum sheets that involve chemical adhesives at high temperatures.

This formation gives the product a better weight and resistance ratio. It’s a lot better when compared to others façade materials available in the market for the execution of commercial facades.

Building Facades

The Alucobond and Alpolic are the most popular brands of ACM panels.

ACM has many applications. It’s worth highlighting some: usefulness, high resistance to weight and corrosion, lightness, strength, ease of conformation and thermal conduction.

Thus, it is a product with unmatched equality, beauty and strength. You can easily mold, cut or cast ACM panels into various shapes to use for every architecture project.

Main applications of Alucobond and Alpolic – ACM Panels

You can use ACM plates to coat flat or rounded facades, pillars, brow, roofs and awnings. They are also widely used in the production of doors, gates, columns and gantries.

However, it’s in visual contact that ACM stars in architecture projects, building facades, precisely because it is a versatile and attractive solution.

You can use them for building facades or inside shops. It’s very creative idea to use them to create logos, upper case letters, numbers, totems, nameplates, illuminated signs and others.

You can also mold and use ACM panels as a decoration and thermo acoustic insulation in interior projects.

One of the only restrictions of ACM boards is that it is used as a floor covering.

So, always design the project properly respecting the factors of the material. This way, you can use composite aluminum in virtually every type of work.

Most common types of ACM panels

Usually, the size of the ACM plate varies between 3 and 4 mm thick. They can have two different paints: Polyester (7 years warranty) and Kynar (15 years warranty).

The plate sheets are also available in custom sizes if the project has large dimensions. However, usually they have 1.25 x 5m or 1.50 x 5m sizes.

If you want to use ACM panels for façade cladding, the most suitable pattern is 4 mm ACM boards. The Kynar 500 paint will ensure color equality and strength.

The 4 great advantages of ACM facades

Among the advantages of the solution it is possible to highlight four major features.

Check out:

ACM boards have high strength

When you choose them for facade cladding, they have 15 years of service life, which reduces maintenance or waste costs.

A material with unparalleled beauty

Composite aluminum offers a variety of colors and has softness for building facades. You can bend or curve them, favoring the bold and very beautiful designs.

ACM on the facade is super sustainable

In addition, the ACM material is recyclable and reduces convection heat transmission. It also favors indoor thermal ratios and lower use of air conditioning.

Offers extra facade protection

In addition to blocking radiation and not spreading fire, they protect façades from rain, storms, droughts, among other weather phenomena. Please talk to our experts to order Alucobond and Alpolic ACM panels according to your project requirements.