ACM Panels

ACM Panels Covering – Flexibility and Finish Selection for Your Projects

ACM panels are certainly one of the main things that make up the aesthetics of large urban centers. Check here its wide range of use.

The ACM panels are certainly one of the main things that make up the aesthetics of large urban centers. One only has to walk through the busier streets of big cities to come across large façades of ACM panels.

The aluminum composite is helping a lot to compose a more advanced and modern landscape.

ACM Panels

ACM Panels

In a technical way, ACM panels are products formed by the joining of two aluminum plates, with thermo plastic as a fastening look.

The panels used in the production end up supporting to the creation of a lightweight and easy to install the product. Thus, it saves time when applying them to various projects.

Furthermore, they are also easy to maintain by simply using suitable cleaning surfaces such as neutral detergent and isopropyl alcohol.

Utility for your projects

In building construction or in your architectural projects, the great advantage of ACM panels is even their utility.

What does this mean? Simple, they can be used in various works and projects. It makes their format, size, and colors more flexible from the required proposal.

Thus, you can easily match the panel with colors, names, and symbols related to the identity of your company.

But make no mistake. The ACM panel can also be used in architectural projects related to residential scope.

There are even several projects that have the ACM panel as the basis of sophistication and glamour. Especially, they involve the reception façade of multifamily buildings.

The choice of the specific type of ACM panel must be made from the project you want to run. However, because it is a multifunctional panel, it can be used for a variety of purposes.

You can use them ranging from simple façade cladding to major brand scenery composition, regardless of the industry.

The Advantages of ACM Panel

In addition, the ACM façade can reveal concepts of modernity, design and economy in the landscape of large cities. Among its ideal coverings are:

  • External flat or rounded facades;
  • Visual communication boards and totems;
  • Column and portico coverings;
  • Decorative element and thermoacoustic insulation for interior architecture.

In addition to practicality and beauty, these coverings are fully recyclable.

The advantages of applying the ACM panel are numerous, such as the undulating coating due to the flatness of the surface.

It ensures an attractive and sophisticated aesthetic appearance on the façade. There is also no need for specialized maintenance as it is a product that is easy to maintain and long lasting.

In addition to these advantages, there is also the rigidity of the product.

It contributes to resisting the various situations generated by the environment, such as the high and low temperatures, present in climatic seasons.

Another important benefit is the wide choice of finishes, which corroborates to broaden the ACM panel designer. Besides these, there are several other reasons, such as excellent thermoacoustic resistance, lightness and the possibility of being bent.

If you want to use ACM panels for your home or office building, we suggest ordering the ACM panels of the Alucobond and Alpolic brands at our online store. They have very high quality and suitable to use for any project.