How to Adapt Your Company to Direct Printing on Fabric with Kornit 931DS?

Direct digital printing on fabric, also known as direct to garment (DTG), is gaining more space in the market. Know the role of Kornit 931DS printer in this industry.

The direct digital printing has gained more market share by allowing printing directly on natural fiber fabrics. It must contain at least 50% cotton in their composition.

It allows printing over zippers, pockets and seams, giving effects and colors of pieces. These features of digital printing are not common to conventional processes.

Given this, adopting the technology in your printing company has everything to be a great idea.

But, it is worth checking some tips to ensure the achievement of good results.

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How to adopt the technique in textile printing

The direct printing on fabric requires specific machinery. In addition, there is higher water consumption during the procedure.

Space, where the machine will be located, needs to be air-conditioned and clean.

It is more sensitive than a press or carousel to high temperatures, which can also damage the inks.

Air quality is another point of attention. When machinery is too close to sprays, for example, airborne debris may clog the print head or interfere with the lubrication of the equipment.

Other points to consider

The entrepreneur needs to plan and rely on quality machinery and a service provider. It is to ensure the quick replacement of paints and other inputs.

The expert also recommends constant research of trends and close attention to specific commemorative dates or events. The sports events, for example, can be an opportunity to take advantage of this seasonality and sell more.

It is recommended investing in machinery that optimizes space and facilitates the work routine. Regarding Kornit 931DS is a dual-pallet industrial direct printer. It is offered by Kornit digital printing solutions.

The Kornit 931DS, a digital inkjet printer is to offer high-quality performance for light and dark fabrics.

It is a low-cost and high-speed printing solution for the screen printing industry.

With Spectra Nova 256/80, its CMYK printhead, it can print designs of multiple resolutions at the same time as offering wonderful colorful prints with many shades.

Spectra Nova JA 256/80 AAA printhead for Kornit 931DS Printer
Spectra Nova JA 256/80 AAA printhead for
Kornit 931DS printer

It is also important to choose a supplier that supports you to enter this market. You always need technical skills, and offers, in addition to the product, to assist in the application of printing in your business.

Opportunities in the field of textile printing

In addition to the production of custom materials, such as uniforms for companies, for example, sports events bring many opportunities in this area.

The sports events and election seasons are big times to do business. The demand for products with specific prints increases a lot during these times.

These are also opportunities to develop numerous value-added materials.

A simple white T-shirt ends up becoming a differentiated product with a custom print that follows fashion trends or is geared to a particular event.

Wondering how to include direct fabric printing in your printing service portfolio? Keep following our content and stay on top of other special tips.