10 Tips for Printhead Last Longer and Why Starfire Printhead is Most Recommended Printhead

Learn the 10 tips to make printhead last longer and why Starfire Printhead is most recommended printhead.

Starfire Printhead is a robust new Printhead technology that guarantees long lasting operation. Would you like your Ricoh, Spectra, Epson, Konica or Xaar printheads from your Eco-solvent or solvent plotter to last longer than average?

Starfire Printhead

10 Tips To Help Printhead Last Longer

1. Preventive kit

Perform preventive maintenance keeping the machine in order, as recommended by the manufacturer.

It is important to change the ink system parts such as damper, cap-station, and wiper at the correct time. It is to keep the print head protected, we advise that every 6 months.

2. Daily cleaning

Keep clean the print carriage and around the head. Thus, it will avoid dry ink, dust, lint, and other objects.

The unwanted dirt can increase the number of cleanings and shorten the life of your printhead.

3. Physical damage

Avoid bumps and scrapes on printing materials or other objects, which can quickly damage your print head.

Physically, they can affect the printhead. A light scrape can damage as much as a drastic bump.

Mostly, it happens due to poor quality material, wrong heater temperature causing the substrate to ripple.

It can also happen if the operator does not pay attention to media supply.

4. Inks

Use OEM inks or approved alternative inks such as Bordeaux, Jetbest or Triangle. Purchase the ink from a reliable supplier who has batch control and expiration on the ink bottle.

Inks that are too cost-focused tend to have less quality control at the factory and distributors. Watch out for expired, poorly stored or unsealed packaging inks.

5. Main power supply

Ensure that the room wiring diagram is in good condition, well-sized, and properly grounded.

Prevent power surges and ensure that the head does not stop in the middle of a print. It will also avoid head dryness if the user is not aware of.

6. Procedure

Make sure that when replacing a printhead it is if properly packaged. You may also check the printheads for the presence of protective oil. Which will show that it is completely new.

7. Professional Technician

Freelance technicians may be cheaper but will not support you if any problems or errors occur.

The entire installation and alignment procedure may interfere with the durability of the part.

8. Electronics

Ensure that the flat head cable and other equipment are 100% in good condition.

This is extremely important to avoid electrical problems such as unwanted firing or burning of plates and the print head.

9. Print room

Ensure the environment with controlled temperature and humidity according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It will ensure that the printer is away from unwanted dirt and dust and chatter.

10. Following printhead guidelines for your large format printer next purchase

It is very important to pay attention to the lates printhead technologies before making the equipment buying decision. We would like to recommend to start looking at Starfire Printhead equipped printers as it is projected to be one of the main players in the wide format industry.

Though there are many aspects that affect the durability of the printhead, Starfire Printhead is an exclusively durable printhead for high-quality printing performance and applications.