Océ Arizona 365GT Series UV Flatbed Printer Advantages and Applications

Océ Arizona 365GT Series UV Flatbed Printer 

Océ Arizona 365GT Series UV flatbed printer has a number of benefits that impact both visual communication companies and their customers. In this scenario, the large format UV printer has stood out for presenting a number of benefits. Hence, they impact both visual communication companies and their customers.

Océ Arizona 365GT Series

Here, we are going to present some of the advantages and applications of Océ Arizona 365GT Series can bring to your business.

Benefits of Océ Arizona 365GT Series UV Flatbed Printer

The visual communications market is highly dynamic. Therefore, it needs to reinvent itself at all times to meet customer needs while remaining productive and profitable.

Sustainable technology

Awareness of the environment is increasing in society and various sectors of the economy.

Companies that keep their production processes away from the concept of sustainability are losing their place. They will soon find no more space in the market.

Given this scenario, the Océ Arizona 365GT Series as well as Océ Arizona 1300 Series large format UV flatbed printer is an alternative.

It does not release any solvent into the atmosphere in the ink drying process. Generally, in UV printing ultraviolet light dries the ink immediately after printing.

The UV lamps with lower heat allow direct printing on very heat-sensitive or thin media.

Hence, it avoids the production of environmentally harmful chemicals reducing the environmental impact. Moreover, it also consumes less energy compared to traditional versions contributing to the reduction of business costs.

Print versatility

Since most managers are always looking to expand their business and become more competitive. So, relying on its high-tech equipment allows printing on the most varied materials is essential.  The Océ Arizona 365GT Series UV flatbed printer also stands out in that Moreover, it enables the company to work with different materials, ranging from glass and wood to wallpapers, leather, canvas, vinyl, and acrylic.

High quality

UV printing works with special ultra-fast drying inks that do not allow ink to spread on the printing surface.

In addition, it is more durable because it is printed on a less vulnerable substrate and therefore, more resistant to weather, impact, and accidents in general.

In general, the banners, tents and promotional materials are more exposed to the outdoors and the sun.

For these applications, materials printed with its Océ VariaDot imaging technology have much longer durability.

Is it time to invest in Océ Arizona 365GT Series UV Flatbed Printer?

In general, it is not an easy task to choose a large format printer. There are several models available in the market, therefore, the investment needs to be accurate for the company to maximize earnings.

For this, firstly, you will need to know your clientele. Does your company need to meet which customers and which demands?

One must also take into consideration the value, that, the entrepreneur has for the investment.

It’s not only important not to consider the price of the machine, but, the investment also can go further.

There are expenses with peripherals and installation (grounding, air conditioning, printing room, among others).

The features that make Arizona 365GT Series a good choice are:

  • The Océ VariaDot imaging technology for high performance at an exceptional price
  • Versatility
  • 377 square feet/hour printing speed
  • White ink capability
  • Roll media option

For Specs and Pricing. Contact us to find out more about this UV flatbed printer making your business unbeatable in the market.