Ocè Arizona 1300 – What makes it The Best UV Flatbed Option?

Océ Arizona 1300 - What Makes it The Best UV Flatbed Option

Océ Arizona 1300 Series UV flatbed printer is synonymous of both high caliber and versatility. The Océ Arizona 1300 Series expands on this convention with a printer arrangement that is genuinely prepared when you are because of a moment on restoring framework disposing of the hold up time before you can begin printing. Including options of either 4’x8′ or 8’x10′ stationary table organizations and backing for a Roll Media Option, the Océ Arizona 1300 empowers you to create an outstanding scope of uses. 

Océ Arizona 1300

Océ Arizona 1300 Color configuration ranges from 4, 6 or 8 ink channels you can likewise begin with a 4 channel Océ Arizona 1340 or 6 channel Océ Arizona 1360 and later overhaul as your business needs advance by including extra ink channels – up to a limit of 8. Other than CMYK, these additional ink channels bolster our most brilliant white ink ever and an optically clear varnish. The 8 channel Océ Arizona 1380 includes extra help for light cyan and light red for upgraded picture quality.

Océ Arizona  Outstanding Performance


Including a genuine flatbed engineering for high caliber, adaptable printing on substrates up to 2 inches thick, the stationary table plan of the Océ Arizona allows printing on uneven surfaces effortlessly because of the extraordinary level adjusting system, the Océ Arizona picture sharpness, across its entire line including the entry level Océ Arizona 365GT is stable along the whole the table surface. Combined with the fantastic dot placement accuracy this implies we can print a drop of ink over a drop of ink and produce surface. The Océ Touchstone programming was designed precisely to exploit this element and make printing of surface amazingly simple. Including a Roll Media Option further the application range enabling you to change from flatbed printing to flex media up to 86 inches wide.


Fully Automated System


Océ Arizona Xpert programming transforms complex applications into a fast, powerful process. The auto learning ability inside Arizona Xpert can gain proficiency with your use to arrangement multi-layered, complex applications – even two-sided prints or transparent prints. At that point, you can save that job process as a template and later apply it to any comparable print jobs.


Auto UV Curing System Activation


The immediate activation of the UV-curing system implies you don’t need to invest any extra energy trusting that your printer will heat up. Basically, stroll up and start printing. Substrates media is operated by pneumatic programing that enable you to precisely and countlessly position a board on the flatbed table. With the Roll Media Option, exchanging among roll and substrates print jobs is enabled digitally with no additional tables to to store away. Maintenance time is reduced by an automated maintenance system to the Automated Maintenance System for printhead self-cleaning that can specifically reestablish nozzle drop instantaneously. 


Productive Print Modes And Optional Light 

OCE ARIZONA 1300 has the most productive print modes. It has the option to varnish. It enhances the factor of screening for an outstanding realistic print. Moreover, it has fine art apps and photographic features which allows the OCE ARIZONA 1300 to print various media such as images and pictures. It can easily print onto odd shapes such as wood or glass. It can also print pre-cut images or smooth images of unusual objects.

There are currently three models of this printer and the buyers can choose one of them as all the printers are best and loaded with seamless features. See Features and pricing in more detail 

Extensive Application Range


OCE ARIZONA 1300 printer has extensive range of built-in applications. It is encompassed with the latest technology of self-learning and instant power on capability. It means that the printer does not have to boot up after turning it on. It instantly turns on within seconds. 

Oce Touchstone Software


It is also encompassed with OCE touchstone software. This allows the users to print textured opaque and transparent objects. This software expands the usability of this printer and help any business to portray a deep approach to various business proposals or models. 

Oce Arizona Xpert Technology


Another feature of this printer is smart learning. The printer instantly learns from the operator. This makes it easy for users to print multi-layered or complex projects. The printer learns the recipe to print the project and does it without the help of the operator. 


High End Performance And Speed


OCE ARIZONA 1300 delivers high key and sharp prints. The normal speed of the printer is 568 sq per feet while the high density speed is 380 sq. per feet. It is also encompassed with the advanced integrated system of LED UV.