Mimaki CJV300 5540 Head Assy M015372 

Mimaki CJV300 5540 Head Assy M015372

Mimaki CJV300 5540 Head Assy M015372

Mimaki CJV300 5540 Head Assy M015372 can print high-quality pages without ink issues. The output quality of the printhead makes it suitable for use in professional printing jobs. The printhead boasts of next-generation technology that allows excellent printing.

Product Highlights

  • Mimaki CJV300 5540 Head Assy M015372 is compatible with CVJ300 and JV300 printers. The printhead support native resolution of up to 360 dpi which is adequate for average consumer needs.
  • Another highlight of the Mimaki printhead is the Micro-Piezo printing technology. The technology provides precision in printing and ink conservation. The best thing about the technology is that it generates no waste ink. This is because the printhead forms images by depositing microscopic droplets directly on the paper sheets and other mediums. This results in increased efficiency and printing performance.
  • The firing frequency of the printhead is around 8kHz, which most will find to be suitable for their needs.
  • The minimum droplet size is 1.5 pico liter. The printhead damper requires DX6 valve dampers.
  • The total number of nozzles is 1440. There are 180 nozzles per lines and 8 nozzle lines that correspond to individual ink channels

Mimaki CJV300 5540 Head Assy M015372 Product Details:

Mimaki CJV300 5540 Head Assy M015372 printhead is one of the best in its class due to exceptional quality printing.  The printhead is best for both eco-solvent and mild solvent and for different printing jobs. This product is an excellent replacement printhead for CJV300 & JV300 series printers. Low cost and excellent quality printhead provide great value for money.

The printhead is made of quality material. You can expect the printhead to last for a long time without getting defective. The printhead supports 360 dpi resolution that makes it ideal for printing documents. The printhead has 8 nozzle lines and 180 nozzles per line giving a total nozzle of 1440. This results in high-quality document printing.

The printhead 5540 is the latest that replaces the older MO15372. The cable size of the latest printhead is 30 mm wide and 354 mm long. Dimensions of the printhead are 6 x 3 x 5 in and the weight is around 1 pound. The product is suitable for home printing projects.

Product Specifications at a Glance

  • Ink Compatibility: mild solvent and eco-solvent
  • Native resolution: 360 dpi
  • Firing Frequency: 8 kHz
  • Technology: Micro-Piezo
  • Total Amount of Nozzles: 1440
  • 8 lines per nozzle
  • 180 nozzles per line
  • Damper type: requires DX6 Valve Dampers
  • Minimum Droplet Size: 1.5 pico liter
  • Dimensions: 6 x 3

Compatibility models(Mimaki)

The Mimaki CJV300 5540 range is compatible with the following series of printers.

Mimaki CJV300

Mimaki JV300

Other Mimaki Spare parts might be compatible across many different printer models.


Every Mimaki CJV300 printhead comes in quality packaging. The printhead is sealed in antistatic material and packed in a way to ensure that the printhead remains protected during transport.


The Mimaki CJV300 5540 is suitable for replacing the printhead on CJV300 and JV300 printers. This printhead does an adequate job of printing for average consumers. The printhead is available at an affordable price that gives it great value for money. Mimaki CJV300 5540 Head Assy-M015372