Epson Dx4 Printhead Eco Solvent

Epson Dx4 Printhead Eco Solvent

Epson Dx4 Printhead Eco Solvent

Epson DX4 Printhead Eco Solvent print head is suitable for many different types of both eco solvent as well as mild solvent MIMAKI printers. The Epson DX4 print head features an all-around native resolution of 360 dpi. It is also suitably equipped with duel nozzle lines (that correspond with its two independent ink channels) along with an estimated 180 nozzles per (individual) line.

Product features


Ø  Epson DX4 Printhead Eco Solvent is actually a fourth-generation micro piezo print head that has been created by Epson to work with many different types of printers. It offers great value for money while giving quality output that could easily outlast many competing print heads.

Ø  It boasts of a nominal firing frequency solution of 8 kHz.

Ø  It has a minimum droplet size of 3.5 Pico liter and it can easily be used for either mono color (through both channels) or even dual color mode thanks to its mutually independent channels.

Epson DX4 Printhead Eco Solvent print head is widely considered to be the most popular print head available for use for both mild solvent and eco solvent, for wide format printing applications. This print head is a popular spare part replacement for the top end printers due to its low cost as well as its high performance.

Apart from that, it is also a very long lasting component that can easily print a huge amount of material before requiring replacement.

Product specifications


Ø  Ink Compatibility: Eco solvent and mild solvent

Ø  Technology: Micro Piezo

Ø  Native resolution: 360 dpi

Ø  Minimum size of individual droplets: 3,5 Picoliters

Ø   Total number of Nozzles: 360

Ø  Nozzle lines: 2 lines x 180 nozzles

Ø  Firing Frequency: 8 kHz

Epson DX4 Printhead Eco Solvent Compatibility:

Epson Dx4 Printhead is compatible with Eco- Solvent Inks. It is Mainly used in Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers, who developed the Eco-Solvent ink technology. See all Compatible printer models with links to their service Manuals: 
  • CS9265
  • CS9290
  • CS9065
  • CS9090
  • JV3-130S
  • JV3-130SL
  • JV3-130SP II
  • JV3-160S
  • JV3-160SP
  • JV3-250SP
  • JV3-75SP II
  • TX2-1600
  • Blizzard 65
  • Blizzard 90
  • Rockhopper 3 65
  • Rockhopper 3 90
  • Rockhopper 3 Extreme 65
  • Rockhopper 3 Extreme 90
  • Rockhopper II 50
  • Rockhopper II 64
  • Rockhopper II 87
  • Rockhopper II k Plus
  • Rockhopper II-2H
  • Rockhopper II-4H
  • Spitfire 100 Extreme
  • Spitfire 65
  • Spitfire 90
  • Valuejet 2606
  • CJ-540
  • FJ-540
  • FJ-640
  • FJ-740
  • FP-740
  • LEC-300
  • LEC-330
  • LEC-540
  • LEF-12
  • LEF-20
  • LEJ-640
  • RS-540
  • RS-640
  • SC-540
  • SC-545ex
  • SJ-1000
  • SJ-1045ex
  • SJ-540
  • SJ-640
  • SJ-645ex
  • SJ-740
  • SJ-745ex
  • SP-300
  • SP-300i
  • SP-300v
  • SP-540i
  • SP-540v
  • VP-300
  • VP-300i
  • VP-540
  • VP-540i
  • XC-540
  • XC-540mt
  • XJ-540
  • XJ-640
  • XJ-740
  • LEF-300
  • LEF-12i
  • LEF-200
  • Cadet
  • Cadet Plus
  • Fusilier
  • 8265
  • 8365
  • 8290
  • 8390


The print head is 6 x 3 x 5 in and weighs 1 pound, Associated part numbers are: M004905 and 6811909060  



User friendliness and Installation:

The very low price of this particular print head is a really great attraction, and that, along with its ability to be easily inserted in a wide array of printers, makes it an ideal solution for many printing businesses, especially the small and medium sized set ups. This is why this is the standard replacement spare part for the owners of those printers with which this print head is fully compatible. Its ability to outlast most other print heads available in the market is also an added attraction that has led to its surging popularity.


This Epson DX4 original print head has been individually packed in single packing for safe handling and transportation purposes.