Mimaki Dx5 Printhead-M007947-How to Identify it

The Mimaki Dx5 Printhead-M007947 for JV33 & JV150 series printers is ideally considered to be eminently suitable for the many printers that form the‘Mimaki solvent printer’ series. The Mimaki JV33 printhead is well equipped with a native resolution of 1440dpi that is achieved with its 8 nozzle lines where each one of these eight lines actively corresponds with 8 entirely independent ink channels at the rate of 180 nozzles per line

o   Product features

The Epson DX5 Print head Mimaki JV33 M007947 can be used either in its usual 4 colors or in  6 color options. And what’s more? It has a minimum, variable droplet size of around 1.5 Pico liters with its maximum droplet size increasing all the way to  21 Pico liters). The usual firing frequency for this state of the art print head is typically 8 kHz.

The Mimaki JV33 JV5 printhead is the ideal head replacement solution formost of the Mimaki solvent printers in the JV series. The Mimaki JV33 JV5 printhead boasts of a native resolution of approximately 1440dpi via its patented 8 nozzle line technology, where each nozzle line corresponds with its individual and independent ink channel. Each channel is also suitably equipped with 180 nozzles per line.

In fact, this is a state of the art and all new generation print head that enables very fast printing speeds. It also boasts of a significantly higher resolution printing capability when compared to its fellow peers in this particular price range.

This print head is fully capable of working with both eco solvent as well as relatively mild solvent inks. 

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o   Compatibility, It is compatible with the following printers:

  • CJV30-100
  • CJV30-100BS
  • CJV30-130
  • CJV30-130BS
  • CJV30-160
  • CJV30-160BS
  • CJV30-60
  • CJV30-60BS
  • CJV150-160
  • CJV150-130
  • JV33-130
  • JV33-130BS
  • JV33-160
  • JV33-160BS
  • JV33-260
  • JV33-260BS
  • JV5-130S
  • JV5-160S
  • JV300-160
  • JV300-130
  • JV5-260S
  • JV5-320DS
  • JV5-320S
  • JV150-160
  • JV150-130
  • TPC-1000
  • TS3-1600
  • TS5-1600AMF
  • CJV300-160
  • CJV300-130