The Mutoh VJ 1618 Print Head DG-41914 – Never Compromise on Quality

The Mutoh VJ 1618 Print Head DG 41914 – Never Compromise on Quality

The Mutoh VJ 1618 Print Head DG 41914 is an awesome budget print head that ensures zero compromise with respect to the quality of output. It does not just offer high print quality and productivity but at the same time, is also very simple and to install and operate. Add to that, its surprisingly budget friendly cost and you have yourself a great print head that may well be ideal for all of your small and medium business enterprise needs.

This original Mutoh ValueJet 1618 print head is especially suitable for the entire range of ValueJet series ofprinters.

The Mutoh VJ-1618 Print head DG 41914 is an all new generation print head that allows lightning fast speeds, while simultaneously boasting high resolution printing.

When its eco-solvent as well as mild solvent ink capabilities are vectored in, we realize that the cost of printing goes down significantly when compared to many other printers.

Product capabilities:

The Mutoh Value Jet 1618 print head boasts of a high performance native resolution of 1440 dpi with no less than eight individual nozzle lines (each of which essentially corresponds with the eight independent ink channels) that this print head has already being equipped with, along with around 180 nozzles per individual line.

Your Mutoh VJ-1618 Print head DG 41914 can easily be used in the four color format (2 channels for every color) and also has an absolute minimum, variable droplet size of around 1.5 Pico liter, with the maximum droplet size going up to an estimated 21 Picoliter.

Firing frequency

The typical firing frequency for this print head is 8 kHz.
Product Specifications

  • Ink Compatibility: Eco-solvent as well as mild solvent inks for the optimal printing solutions in terms of costs and performance
  • Technology: Micro-Piezo
  • Native resolution: 1440 dpi
  • Droplet Size: 1.5 Pico liter
  • Droplet Size: 21 Picoliters
    Maximum numberof Nozzles 1440
  • 8 lines x 180 nozzles
  • Firing Frequency: 8 kHz

Compatibility models(Mutoh)

In the overall Mutoh range, the following models are compatible with the VJ 1618 print (DG 41914) head:

  • Mutoh VJ-1618
  • Mutoh VJ-1618W and the
  • Mutoh VJ-1618K


Each Mutoh ValueJet 1618original print head is individually packed to ensure maximum protection during transportation and rough handling.


The Mutoh VJ 1618 Print Head DG 41914 is suitably equipped with a huge number of diverse options but at the same time is available at remarkably lower price than many of its competitors. This is precisely why it has been able to outstrip its competitors in the overall sales figures department.